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Don’t let his stature fool you, Alexander Blane is a force to be reckoned with as he is well on his way to being the next household name. Under the leadership and guidance of his friend and mentor Antonio “Tone” Barnes, the two founded AB Music Group which will be the parent company for this project that promises to be worth the wait.

Alexander Blane is a native of Chicago Illinois and became familiar with music at a very young age. His parents nurtured his passion for music and allowed him to spend as much time being creative. During one of his family trips to Indiana Beach, Blane then a young boy got to spend time in a booth. That was when he realized that music was definitely his passion, and what he wanted to do, was pursue music as a career. Since he was in the booth and enjoying it, he did songs that his dad had written in the past. See, it ran in the family, and although his dad never pursued a musical career, he understood his son’s desire to be in the booth. That was all the fuel Blane needed to take his motivation to the next level.

By the age of thirteen, Blane was discovered by Willie Taylor of Day 26 and RoShawn Lyles who at the time were part of a popular local Chicago group by the name of Kwiet Storm. RoShawn took Alexander Blane under his wing and before you knew it, Blane was writing his own music and performing outside of barbershops and grocery stores to earn money. Sneaking into his brother’s bedroom while he was gone was his favorite past time as his brother also did music. He combed through his material and digested all the music he had written down.

Blane also was a part of the group called Block Xchange (B.X.C) was signed to Ludacris via Def Jam at the age of fifteen. They flew out to New York to perform for L A Reid, and was signed on the spot. Blane currently has music on the radio throughout the Midwest. Though he was signed for 5 years, Blane subsequently asked to be released from the group since they were not being promoted in a way, he felt was beneficial to him. Though life came at him hard after his release from the label, Blane used those tough times to prepare him for what’s ahead.

With his album release date set for the second quarter of 2022, Blane promises to have a new sound. Although he appreciates the current music being put out by other artists’ Blane knows that something new is needed and he is ready to be that new sound. His single “ My Guitar” is at the top of the list that he cant wait to share with the world.

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